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Shopping Centers, whether large or small,  have millions of customers per year.  Subsequently, shopping centers attract over a thousands of people per week, especially during sales or special offers. With so many people gathering at a shopping center, there is of course huge potential for something to go wrong like shop lifting, brawls, collisions, active shootings, terrorism, armed robberies, accidents and stealing. Remember, the security concerns relate direct with your shopping centers earnings, as no one would like to shop in unsecure environment.

Therefore, it is important to create a secure and safe environment for customers, staff and tenants in shopping centers.  You need to approach a right security specialist who is familiar with the risks arising in a shopping center. Shopping center security guards are responsible for monitoring the shopping center while taking care of the unpleasant situations. Their presence gives a sense of safety to the visitors, staff and shops.


Griffin Protective Services a Santa Clara Security company has operated since 2005 while providing outstanding service. Therefore, our proven reputation and experience is well received by many clients. Griffin offers a full range of shopping center security to include vehicle patrol, foot patrol, golf cart patrol and security consulting.

The vehicles are equipped with amberlights and are clearly visible in day and night hours. At Griffin Protective Services, we always provide variety of security guards and officers for shopping malls, employing only those with skills and expertise. Our shopping mall security guards are efficient in handling the charge entrance points.  We also offer after hours patrol, inventory protection and crowd management. Each officer undergoes an extensive screening and training process before assigning a shopping center security charge. We proudly will serve hundreds of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Griffin Protective Services employs those who reside in the area where the shopping centers are located.

Griffin Protection Services 20 years of experience

Latest Surveillance Technology Available
Shopping Center Security
Fast Response Time and Prevention of Workplace or Employee Violence
Shopping Mall Security
Response to Trespassing, Loitering and Vagrancy or Homeless Activities on Your Property
Clear, Concise Communication and Response Between All Security Team Personnel



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