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Shopping Center Security in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA and surrounding cities

Your business should be a place where commerce and growth happen. A place where you feel comfortable selling your goods and services. A place where shoppers feel secure.

We live in a time where awareness and fear of active shooter situations are at all-time highs. We make you safer in your business and make your customers feel better about venturing out for your offerings by providing shopping center security in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA, and surrounding cities. Our seasoned, trained security personnel will monitor, guard and defend your place of business with the highest level of professionalism and dedication to safety. We provide small, medium, and large-sized businesses with security solutions adapted to their precise needs and preferences. You and your customers will never worry about outside threats again.


Protecting Small, Medium, and Large-Sized Businesses

We offer high-tech protection and dependable, devoted guards to businesses ranging from mom-and-pop shops to the largest strip malls and shopping hubs in the area. We adjust our services depending on your needs. Do you have a problem with shoplifters? If so, allow our guards to standby during business hours to deter them. Are you tired of loiters and homeless persons panhandling in your parking lot? Allow our surveillance technology to discover them quickly so our team can direct them away from the premises. Your business will become safer with our services which include:


Round-the-Clock Surveillance and Fleet of Patrol Cars
Shopping Center-4x4
Fast Response Time and Prevention of Workplace or Employee Violence
Response to Trespassing, Loitering and Vagrancy or Homeless Activities on Your Property
Clear, Concise Communication and Response Between All Security Team Personnel

Nearly 20 Years of Protecting Businesses

Our clients enjoy confidence in us to keep their businesses safe before, during, and after hours. Our passionate, friendly team of guardians forms strong relationships with business owners and employees, boosting their trust in our team and the people we serve. We stay highly visible throughout the day, making criminals keenly aware of our presence. Your customers will be put at ease when they see our personnel watching over your shop, parking lot, and business grounds, allowing them to shop in total peace. We’re here to keep crime away from your business.


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