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Construction Guards in San Jose and other cities are employed by public or private parties to protect their assets at a construction site. This may include their property, money, equipment, and people. Additionally, These security officers typically focus on enforcing preventative measures to various hazards like unsafe worker behavior. Also we look at  unwanted waste, damaged property, and criminal activities like theft. Griffin Protection Services does this by making our presence highly visible, deterring inappropriate and illegal actions. Subsequently, we also use patrols, monitoring alarm systems, or video surveillance systems to watch for crime and other hazards, such as a fire. Our security team takes action to minimize damage, including warning trespassers and escorting them off the property. When appropriate, we report incidents to our clients and emergency services, such as paramedics or the police.

Every shift the on-duty security officer will write a report and send it to the client. Furthermore, the reports are sent electronically if no drop off locations for reports are available.  Finally, Safety is our #1 priority.



Our highly trained construction security guards always wear the required equipment including but not limited to the following:
  • Protective gloves.
  • Hearing protection.
  • Full face shields.
  • Chemical splash goggles.
  • Respiratory protection.
  • Gloves
  • Hard Hats
  • Steel toed safety shoes.

Griffin Protection Services 20 years of experience

Our Services

Your crew, equipment, and profit safety are our top priority. Our services monitor and patrol outside threats and unusual or suspicious worker behavior, preventing crime and damage. Our licensed guards and security experts reduce or eliminate potential hazards to your property. Your teams can work the day away knowing they have the most dependable guards watching over them, and you’ll feel good knowing that your job site is protected during the workday and after hours. Here’s what we provide job sites:


Personal Protection Equipment(PPE)
PPE Certified Officers Prepared to Monitor Your Job Site
A Rotating Team of Trained Guards, OSHA certified, Alert and Prepared to Face Danger Head-On
power cart2
Quick, Safe Escorting of Trespassers Off and Away From Your Job Site
Art car
Immediate Response to Job Site Alarms and Alerts

Common Security Concerns on Construction Sites

Construction site theft is responsible for over $1 billion in costs annually, and as a construction developer or contractor, it’s important to secure your construction site from unwanted costs and loss. Griffin Protection Services is aware of these concerns, and our team of licensed security guards is dedicated to offering flexible and cost-effective security for construction sites in San Jose, Santa Clara, and surrounding cities.

Although the loss of equipment from theft is a big concern for construction site developers and contractors, material loss and employee distractions can drive up costs and prolong construction deadlines, too. Enlisting construction security services can prevent these hidden costs from affecting your construction site so you can stay on track and on time.

Solutions for Construction Site Security Concerns

To prevent construction site theft and vandalism, it’s recommended to implement a security plan that involves a range of job site security solutions. The first step is getting advice and seeking help from a construction site security company like Griffin Protection Services. After speaking with a representative about your construction project, we will come up with a plan of action to prevent theft and vandalism. This plan can involve the installation of security cameras at high-priority areas, installing alarm systems, proper signage, and adequate lighting, alongside onsite construction security officers or guards to oversee the operation of all security systems.

This is a complex but necessary step in your construction project to prevent unwanted costs and delays. If you are interested in working with Griffin Protection Services for your construction site security, contact us today!

Benefits of Construction Site Security Services

Utilizing construction security services offers benefits that can drastically reduce the cost and stress associated with your construction project. Always having a security professional onsite, especially when your workers are away, provides you with peace of mind knowing your construction site is safe and secure from the threat of theft and property damage.

Using security services such as surveillance cameras and alarm systems in conjunction with an onsite construction site security officer offers an even more comprehensive system of security against intruders. When alarms are activated, the onsite security officer is there to assess the situation immediately, preventing an escalation from happening before emergency authorities arrive on the scene.

Investing in construction site security can also improve productivity throughout your construction project by monitoring your entire team and identifying areas where improvements can be made for current and future construction projects. This increased productivity can potentially return an increase in profits and team morale.

FAQs About Construction Site Security

  • What is construction security? Construction security refers to any method of securing a site of construction to protect workers, materials, and equipment. This can include the use of fences, surveillance cameras, alarm systems, construction site lighting, and onsite security guards.
  • Why do construction sites have security? Construction sites are unique in that they don’t have a door to lock and keep all equipment and materials safe. This makes construction sites vulnerable to theft and vandalism, especially during hours of the day when construction workers aren’t present. Working with a security company can prevent these incidents.
  • What is the best way to keep a construction site secure? Securing your construction site can be accomplished by surrounding the area with a fence and having only one or two entry and exit points, as well as installing proper lighting, installing a series of surveillance cameras, and having a security guard onsite to minimize the threat of unwanted theft and vandalism.

Safety and Security From Griffin Protection Services

Let Griffin Protection Services relieve you of stress and worries about your jobsite, school, apartment/HOA, shopping center, hotel, or high-rise office complex security. Our team of highly skilled guards specialize in de-escalating intense situations, so you know your community is in the best hands.

Griffin Protection Services also offers fire watch services equipped with the most efficient and powerful tools and supplies. We also deal with homeless trespassers and loitering

Call Griffin Protection Services for Construction Security

Griffin Protection Services offers thorough and detailed security services and options to fit any budget and project. Reach out to us today to learn about your construction site security options in San Jose & Santa Clara, CA.

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