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Event Security in San Jose and Santa Clara, CA

Event security in San Jose and Santa Clara is the type of service that you can opt for.  Furthermore, event security services enhance the experience of the guests present at the event. Additionally, The various aspects which these services take care of include security strategies, risk assessment, threat and vulnerability protection, and much more. The professionals of the security service train to act in emergency situations and bring the situation under control in proper order.

The event uniforms worn by security guards may differ, depending on weather, type of event or specific client request.

When holding a company event, hiring security services is imperative. Security guards serve to protect your attendees, your property, and the valuables within the premise. They manage the crowd and control people throughout the event. Most importantly, they detect and deter crime, as well as keep people safe from harm.

The need for security, however, varies from one event to another. When selecting the type of event security, you have to factor in the type, size, and context of your company event. Here are six common types of event security you may want to choose from for your upcoming event.

General guard

General guards are those whose scope of work covers basic types of security. They are not specialized where they can handle any kind of event. Below are the number of guards you may want to consider based on the size of your event:

  • 1 Guard: One security is good enough for an event with ten or fewer people.
  • 2-5 Guards: A handful of guards are sufficient for 11 to 50 guests.
  • 5-15 Guards: Adequate security is required for an event with 50 to 250 participants in attendance.
  • 15-30 Guards: Large and spread guards are necessary if you’re expecting 250 to 1000 people in your event.

Given the valuable information mentioned above, check the expected number of attendees for your company event and decide on the number of guards you need to staff.



When it comes to specialized personal protection, hiring a bodyguard is your best option. Think about celebrities, government officials, and other famous personalities who would need bodyguards to attend your company event.



It’s common to have security personnel installed at the entrance and exit during an event. These guards are also positioned around barriers and stages inside the venue. Because of their roles and positions, they are called gatekeepers.


Crowd control

Some specialized guards are trained and tasked to control the crowd. They know what to do and how to proceed when there is chaos or commotion. They can direct the flow of traffic and handle any arising situation. This type of security is ideal for festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events.


Mobile patrol

This security type consists of guards moving in various locations via a powered transport, such as a car, motorcycle, or bicycle. Excellent examples of this security type include guards patrolling in a subdivision or security personnel managing parking and traffic.


Armed guards

Armed guards carry weapons due to the nature of their job and the type of event. Certain events require the need for armed guards. The ultimate purpose is to protect people and the property from a possible security threat.


Griffin Protection Services 20 years of experience

Private security at a San Jose Event

Our Event Security Services

Our clients’ needs vary depending on the size and scope of their event. For example, a private gathering of 100 or fewer people requires different security measures than a large event with thousands of attendees. We meet with organizers and venue managers before the event to assess their precise needs. This enables us to form a strategic, seal-tight security solution that keeps people safe from beginning to end. We determine how many guards you need and all access points that need to be covered, ensuring no unwelcome guests or suspicious activity advances any further. Here are a few essential services we provide for events:

  • An exhaustive search of attendee bags and belongings before entry into your event.
  • Access control at all entry points—no one gets in without approval from our guards.
  • Subtle interference and removal of unwelcome individuals—you’ll never know they were there in the first place.
  • Procedures and protocols for emergencies and evacuations are in place always.
  • Clear, strategic communication with other venue security, law enforcement, and staff.
San Jose Security Guard

Events We Protect

From big to small, we do it all. Our accurate, on-site risk evaluation enables us to identify threats and vulnerabilities and discretely remove them quickly. Contact us today to protect the following events:

  • Sporting events
  • Corporate events
  • Concerts
  • Strikes
  • Parades
  • And more

Choose Us to Protect Your Next Event

We have you protected regardless of the size and scale of your event. Our trained, dedicated guards will protect your event from beginning to end, ensuring you and your attendees’ fun and comfort. Contact us to speak with a representative and keep your next event and venue free from danger.

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