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24/7 Professional Hotel Security in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA and Surrounding Cities

20 years of experience

Security is essential to a thriving, comfortable facility that your guests will feel confident they can rely on while they are away from home. Griffin Protection Services has nearly 20 years of experience partnering with the most popular hotels to ensure their visitors, vendors, and employees stay safe.

Locally owned and operated, we provide private security options in San Jose, Santa Clara, and surrounding cities. We offer stationary hotel guards as well as our branded, visible patrols, coordinated together with 24/7 video monitoring. Our tailored solutions will ensure your busy site remains operational and safe throughout the day and night.

The Importance of Good Hotel Security

Hotels have high daily traffic of both guests, staff, and vendors. Security visibility and effectiveness is a crucial aspect of your business that affects guest perception of safety and their overall experience of their hotel stay. Our hotel security team can maintain a safe and secure environment, protecting hotel assets, guests, and staff, and reducing liability. Through our patrol services and stationary guard services, your hotel will be a safe, trustworthy destination for guests.

Griffin Protection Services

Whether you own a small, medium, or large hotel, Griffin Protection Services offers customized long- or short-term security options. Hotel security guards can provide mobile patrol, onsite guard, or emergency response services. 24/7 video monitoring surveillance of every floor of your building is available to provide complete visibility.

24/7 Patrolling and Surveillance

For small, medium, and large commercial operations, we monitor every floor of your building.

Fast, Clear Communication

Communication between security team personnel to respond instantly to emergencies and alerts.

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No Trespassing

Safe, responsible handling of situations involving homeless activity, vagrancy, loitering, and trespassing.

Reliable Experience

Nearly 20 years of experience protecting banks, high-rises, tech buildings, industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, hotels, and beyond.

Our Hotel Security Experts

With nearly 20 years of experience, Griffin Protection Services’ security guards are vetted through background checks and receive ongoing training and certifications. Our professionally presented, armed and unarmed, and seasoned guards are trained in de-escalation techniques to produce quick, effective preventative and reactive security responses.

Technology to Keep You and Your Customers Safe

Griffin Protection Services‘ fleet of patrol vehicles are visibly branded and immediately recognizable as a trusted hotel security service. Our security personnel use modern and reliable communications and body video surveillance equipment to assess hotel areas and coordinate their response to security incidents, ensuring a rapid and safe resolution.

Customized Options for Hotel Security

Our security team will work with your hotel to ensure our security presence meets your needs for hotel security guard services. Patrol routes can be tailored to ensure guest visibility, intrusion deterrence, and consideration of your hotel schedule and operational requirements. Our response procedures can be similarly customized, ensuring our hotel security guards are handling incidents with consideration to the area, disturbances to guests or staff, or any interruption to hotel operations.

Why Choose Griffin Protection Services?

Our team is here to boost your confidence in your day-to-day operations with customized safety solution services. Whether you need heightened hotel security for a few months or years, our team will provide your facility with the cutting-edge equipment, trained guards, and vigilant monitoring required to maintain safety. We will work with you to tailor our hotel security products to your specific needs.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Hotel Security Guard Services

If you need professional and experienced hotel security guard services, contact us to speak with our professional team and learn how Griffin Protective Services can provide a custom option to suit the requirements of your hotel.

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