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Trusted Construction Security in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA and Surrounding Cities

Are you looking forward to completing your promising new development in peace? Do you want to keep your crews and equipment safe from beginning to end? If so, you can depend on Griffin Protection Services to provide the ultimate construction security in San Jose, Santa Clara and surrounding cities. Theft, vandalism, and property destruction cost developers mass amounts of money and time each year, reducing their profits, slowing their schedules, and preventing them from fulfilling expectations. Our team prevents thieves and vandals from ruining your job site with the most advanced, integrative surveillance technology and determined guards who act immediately on your behalf. Your job site teams and tools remain safe throughout the construction process. We make thieves and vandals think twice before deciding to step foot on your project.


Our Services

Your crew, equipment, and profit safety are our top priority. Our services monitor and patrol outside threats and unusual or suspicious worker behavior, preventing crime and damage. Our licensed guards and security experts reduce or eliminate potential hazards to your property. Your teams can work the day away knowing they have the most dependable guards watching over them, and you’ll feel good knowing that your job site is protected during the workday and after hours. Here’s what we provide job sites:


licensed guards and security experts in CA
24/7 Surveillance and Monitoring of Your Job Site — Nothing Gets Past Us
A Rotating Team of Trained Guards, Alert and Prepared to Face Danger Head-On
power cart2
Quick, Safe Escorting of Trespassers Off and Away From Your Job Site
Construction Security Services in Santa Clara, CA
Immediate Response to Job Site Alarms and Alerts

We Patrol for Intruders

Have trouble with intruders? Are you unsure or concerned about how to remove them in a safe, effective manner? If so, we’ll provide the thorough monitoring and patrols you need to ensure no person succeeds at using your job site as a shelter.


Complete Your Jobsite in Peace

Don’t let the threats of trespassing, vandalism, and dangerous worker behavior deter you from finishing your construction project. Our elite guards and integrative technology will protect your equipment and workers from danger throughout the day. Give us a call to schedule short-term or long-term protection.


Our Customers Love Us

“Griffin Protection is always there for us, we can sleep at night peacefully knowing that they are on duty”

– Mike Amdal, Manager, Citra Pest Control

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