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Hotel Security in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA, and Surrounding Cities

Hotel facilities host and grant access to many people each day. The higher the volume of people coming in and out daily, the greater the risk of threats, crime, and immediate danger. We help hotel managers increase their safety with courtesy patrol and stationary security in San Jose, Santa Clara, CA, and surrounding cities. We’ve spent nearly 20 years partnering with the most powerful hotel executives to ensure their visitors, vendors and employees stay safe from crime and emergencies throughout the day. Our team is here to boost your confidence in your day-to-day operations with quick, effective preventative, and reactive security measures.


Short-Term and Long-Term Security

Top security is essential to a thriving, comfortable facility. Whether you need heightened security for a few months or years, our team will provide your facility with the cutting-edge equipment, trained guards, and vigilant monitoring required to always maintain safety. We carefully vet and observe every person in your facility and place safeguards around your building, protecting your most sensitive information and secrets. Here’s what we’ll provide your commercial facility:


24/7 Video Monitoring and Surveillance

For small, medium, and large hotel operations, we monitor every floor of your building.

Fast, Clear Communication

Communication between security team personnel to respond instantly to emergencies and alerts.

Professional presentation

Safe, responsible handling of situations involving homeless activity, vagrancy, loitering, and trespassing.

Reliable Experience

Nearly 20 years of experience protecting banks, high-rises, tech buildings, industrial facilities, manufacturing plants, hotels, and beyond.

Keep Your Secrets Safe and Sound

The most powerful CEOs and executives rely on our services to keep their sensitive information secure and out of the wrong hands. Contact us today, and we’ll schedule short-term or long-term services depending on your commercial facility’s needs.


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